Those Humongous Trucks and Machines – What Do They Do?

Dump trucks, pump trucks, semi-trucks and box trucks.  Backhoes, loaders, excavators and rollers.  Trailers, flatbeds and tankers.  Sound like a Tonka truck heaven?

It’s actually only a fraction of the equipment operated by Chavis Enterprises, and it does seem like a big kid’s sand lot on some days if you love trucks and machinery.  The approximately 76 pieces of various equipment reside throughout Harford County, and each is pulled into action as needed for demolition, excavation, snow removal, storm clean-up and emergency management.  Just by their sheer size, these trucks and machines are imposing.  They are also efficient.

Pump Trucks and Dump Trucks

Pump trucks and septic trucks range from 2,500 to 4,500-gallon capacity and they can handle residential as well as commercial jobs.  Numerous dump trucks haul debris and dirt away from demolition sites, snow from giant storms and garbage from landfills.  The pickup trucks pale in comparison as they are sprinkled among these behemoths, yet they have a job to do, too.  Smaller loads are often carried in them, as are passengers to job sites.

Backhoes, Rollers and Excavators

backhoes and excavators available

Among the heavy equipment, you’ll find dozers for pushing material and dirt, backhoes for digging, skid loaders for lifting and wheel loaders for snow removal.  Rollers compact and flatten dirt or asphalt, and excavators are the ideal hole-diggers.  The more than two dozen pieces of heavy equipment are on call for local and state jobs – none are too small.

Trailers, Flatbeds, Straw Blowers and More!

Finally, there are the trailers that haul the equipment from job to job.  Flatbeds are used for most heavy equipment, but tankers can also be used, and sewage trailers can handle 5,500-gallon capacity sewage tank.  Among the trailers is a unique piece – the Straw Blower, which blows straw over disturbed areas.  Think about that when you’re covering your new grass seed this spring.

Chavis Enterprises maintains such an extensive fleet because we know how to get the job done, and we want to be available to do it when you need us.  Visit this blog page over the next few months to learn about some of this equipment in more depth and how it can work for you.