Let It Snow!

Whether you’re bracing for an impending snowstorm, are hunkered down in the middle of one, or just trying to dig out, you’ve probably realized that it’s a good idea to plan for snow removal. There are teams of people involved in getting a community back on its feet after a major snow storm. We’re proud to be part of that team, and many of our drivers have been in position on state highways for hours, pre-treating the roads in an effort to get ahead of the storm. Do you have a plan for your business, organization or home?

Chavis Enterprises can help. Even if you’re reading this as the snow is flying, you can call us. We plow driveways, residential neighborhoods, parking lots and more. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re facing the blizzard at the last minute. We know that everyone deals with “the big one” in their own way. We’ve experienced people from all parts of the spectrum, and we welcome their calls:

  • Denial – these people don’t believe the weather forecasters (after all, they’ve been wrong before!) and they refuse to succumb to the hysteria created by the media. So, until they see the first snow flake, they make no plans for snow removal.
  • Overzealous – the opposite of denial. These people latch on to the first prediction of a snow storm and it’s all they talk about for the entire week before the storm hits. They’ve been busy shining up their snow blowers and stocking up on rock salt. They’ll start sweeping before the ground is covered in white.
  • Methodical – this person has snow shovel, snow blower and boots at-the-ready. He or she waits until just the right amount of precipitation has fallen, and begins to shovel or blow the snow all in one direction, making careful piles and packing the snow against the sides of the driveway. Blow, shovel, pack, repeat. All the while, the methodical person is admiring his work and mentally calculating the next removal period.
  • Surrendering – these people either thought they could handle the snow on their own or had a plan that fell through. Now they’re realizing that it’s simply more prudent to get help. They’re calling Chavis Enterprises at 410-557-2455.