What’s in a Demolition?

The basics of building a house are familiar to most people, even if you’ve never personally gone through the process. You find a suitable piece of property, either in a subdivision or a rural area, hire a builder, get the right permits, create the plans and watch as the foundation is dug, the footers poured and the frame goes up. Then you see the inside of the house take shape – the rooms, the woodworking, plumbing, fixtures and other materials. But what about the reverse?

Demolishing a house or existing building is also a process. It’s much more than just a wrecking ball. Just as an owner and builder must evaluate the property and figure out home positioning, grading and more, so too, does a demolition start with an evaluation.

  • The structure must be reviewed for strength, position on the lot, proximity to other structures, materials;
  • The appropriate permits must be obtained and the demolition done according to standard operating procedures.
  • The crew will determine whether or not there will be asbestos, based on the building’s age and materials used. If asbestos is suspected, a contractor specializing in asbestos removal should be brought in.
  • Once a price for the project is agreed upon and the proper permits are obtained, the demolition process may begin. The utilities are disconnected from the structure to be demolished and removed from the property. The building can be brought down now.
  • Experienced crews will use demolition procedures to neatly demolish the structure in a way to keep the debris and dust from flying everywhere.
  • A good demolition company will determine whether or not any materials can be recycled, and they will dispose of any other items in the most environmentally friendly way.
  • The foundation will be backfilled and the ground graded properly around the foundation. The site will be left clean.

If you need a reliable, safe and detailed demolition on a house, shed, detached garage or pool, call Chavis Enterprises. We’ll get the job done.